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Grill-a-Holic (Confessions)

Are you wondering what are some of the hidden secrets or tricks of the trade when grilling? Beginner Grilling will talk further about our Grill-a-Holic hot tips you can use to improve your grilling experience. Life is an everyday learning experience in which you will see the same rules apply to grilling.


Become A Pro At Grilling With Our Grill-a-Holic Confessions

Utilizing the different types of grilling aspects of a grill can help give better grilling results. For instance while you are grilling your steak, burgers, chicken, and any other main course you can use the side burners. The side burners are best used for preparing tortillas, a pan with eggs or vegetables, or anything else the BBQ main burners will be too powerful for. Keep in mind that coal is best used for the added flavors from each type as well as mesquite wood chips. In order to find out what has the best taste in your books, the only suitable method is to try it yourself. For a slightly sweet strong smokehouse flavor or earthy smoke flavor then consider using mesquite for your pork, lamb, or beef. Another Grill-a-Holic Confessions tip is that mesquite has a hotter burning fire which is great for fish. If you want a bolder smokey taste then consider burning oak, which is preferred for meats and veggies.


Grill-a-Holic Confessions


Butter It Up!

Adding butter to your steak, chicken, pork, fish, as well as lamb can bring out the additional flavor. This also helps prevent the dreaded “dry steak” that ends up being a better beef jerky than a juicy steak! Another hot sizzling tip is to inject the butter into your meats before grilling.


Inject That Beef With More Flavor

One exclusive top secret Grill-a-Holic Confessions tip is putting onions, garlic, cheese, or jalapenos inside the burgers core while encased in meat. You can make a flavor core or simply mix it into the meat, but most importantly patting the meat for greater consistency. There are endless possibilities to what you can add into your burgers or whats being grilled. Jalapeno poppers is a great example of stuffing it.


Sugar Coating Was Never So Sweet Until Now

Adding brown sugar to your BBQ sauce can bring your chicken or beef to a new level of tastiness. Ready for another Grill-a-Holic Confessions tip? Adding honey and brown sugar to your BBQ sauce can give it a candy taste (recommended for ribs).


How To Unlock A Oyster Without A Knife?

Grilling your oysters not only brings out an awesome taste but it can also open the oysters. No need to go through the pain of breaking it open with a knife, simply slurp away.


Grill-a-Holic Confessions


Is there more to our Grill-a-Holic Confessions tips?

Yes we have one important tip that can be used for ribs, chicken, beef, pork, or even fish. Did you ever wonder how certain BBQ restaurants have that ultra juicy taste within their meats, poultry , or fish? The last top secret is BOILING your ribs, beef, chicken or fish before putting it on the grill. This helps prevent any type of “dry steak” beef jery BBQ situations from occurring and is a tip most don’t know. Use this knowledge wisely to impress your family, friends, or even coworkers. When they ask where you learned how to BBQ like a pro, simply tell them its a “top secret” or let them know about our website! Thank you for reading and we are glad to share our Grill-a-Holic Confessions tips to beginner grillers all the way to the BBQ masters. Never stop learning, never stop grilling.


Grill-a-Holic Confessions


Thanks For Taking The Time To Read Our Grilling Tips

Beginner Grilling would like to reach out and thank our readers for supporting our website. Its because of readers like yourself we are able to share such insightful tips to the BBQ Grilling community abroad. We believe by teaching beginning grilling enthusiasts online we can help many overcome the difficulties of getting BBQ down to a science. Be sure to tell your friends and family about our tips so they can prevent their BBQ meals from tasting dryer than a thanksgiving turkey with no butter. You will see that many will begin to call you the Grill Master or even have second thoughts towards what should be your true profession!


Q & A:

How do you know when your BBQ steak, chicken, or pork is ready?
A) Stick a fork in it, if it bleeds then its not ready.

Is coal better than wood chips or propane?
A) Its all a matter of preference, some prefer propane for a cleaner untainted taste while others enjoy coal or wood chips for their smokey flavor.

Is there a better way to cook vegetables for us vegan folk?
A) Yes using the injection methods with butter while cooking them in tin foil can help prevent burning.


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