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Grilling the Best Meat Ever (Never Fails)

There are certain tips we’d like to share than can help out when grilling the best meat ever. Beginner Grilling has helped many BBQ enthusiasts learn more about how to grill like a boss, whether they are new at grilling or BBQ veterans. After reading these tips you too can get started on grilling the best meat ever.


Grilling the Best Meat


Getting Started, What Type of Meat is the Best Meat to Buy?

The best way to go about this is to start from beginning to end, started from which type of meat you should buy. If you are looking for quick cook or looking to have the consistency the same then consider getting a thin sized steak. Larger steaks can take longer but can help with keeping the centers within medium range while the ends of the meat can be cooked more so as preferred. Another tip to keep in mind is to never cook a cold steak! Always let your steak sit for about 45 minutes to an hour before cooking. If you are looking at trying to the finer tastes in BBQ then consider asking your local butcher for their aged meats. Aged meats are considered a delicacy over regular aged meats due to the type of care needed to maintain their quality.


Spice It Up. Season It Up. Butter It Up??

Once your meat has sit for about 45 minutes or so feel free to add the spices and seasoning you desire. Most tend to add pepper and specifically sea salt.  The sea salt offers a unmatched taste that other types of salts don’t match up to. Other types of add-ons are garlic, sage, rosemary, basil, or thyme. There is no perfect blend since everyone’s taste buds are subject to their liking.  You can add butter if you want, or even olive oil. For the more health conscious griller then consider using olive oil. If you are cooking carne asada or looking to add a zing to your meats then drip lemon juice over your meats while they cook.


A Hot Clean Grill Gives A Hot Clean Taste

Before putting any of your meats on that grill, ensure its been cleaned of previous char or grease by scrubbing and pre-burning the grill. Once the grill is hot start to clean the grill again for any other char thats been loosened up over the heat. Then last but not least, try brushing olive oil on the grill to give the meat a juicy taste from the inside to the outside.


Keepin’ It Juicy – Using Aluminum Foil for Your Veggies

Tired of having all the vegetables fall in between the cracks of the grill? Many use aluminum foil to put all their chopped veggies along with their sauces of choice. A very common option is adding butter to your veggies within the foil, as well as corn on the cob. If you’ve ever wondered what the top shelf on your grill is good for besides hot dogs or buns, then this is it. Add all the veggies you want then wrap it in foil. Once you are finished BBQ’ing your meats simply take it out and you’ll see all your veggies cooked to perfection. Always add butter, lemon, or other marinades to keep it juicy.


Grilling the Best Meat


The Big Secret to Grilling the Best Meat Ever

Now for our serious readers, we like to keep our best tips at the end and once again thank you for supporting our website. If you are looking at getting the best possible taste within your meats during grilling, then consider over night marinades and slow cooking. At first I didn’t understand the method of slow cooking, or even 24 hour marinades until I finally figured it out. There was this world famous Italian restaurant and every time I walked passed it late night after hours into the morning… I could smell their sauce cooking. Then I said that’s it! Why would anyone spend 24 hours cooking their sauce unless it was the secret to their taste? I then got into action and tried it out for myself with a 24 hour marinade and slow cooking my steak. To my surprise…the tortoise apparently won the race. The more time you put into anything in life, the better the outcome. This life philosophy seemed to apply to grilling the best meat ever. Now that you have the knowledge of handed down family secrets originating from Italy…. embrace the endless variations of slow cooking flavor.


Grilling the Best Meat


The Recap

We will recap all the steps we went over when grilling the best meat ever.  Choosing your meat, whether the thickness or if its aged meat is the start to deciding which path of flavor you will take. Choosing the best seasoning, spices, and additional add-ons to enhance your meats flavor is the step before hitting the grill. While the meat is soaking in your flavor marinade or mix ensure the grill is cleaned as mentioned above. Cut your veggies and put them in aluminum foil on the top racks of your grill for an excellent healthy side course. The final tip we put to the side because it requires the maximum amount of time needed for professional grilling. Keep in mind that using a thermometer isn’t a rookie or green horn thing, its what the pros do. Thank you for reading our article and be sure to spread the knowledge.


Q & A:


Do I really have to use a thermometer to grill like a pro?

A) No, but its advised for restaurants to use it to ensure the food is not under cooked. If you really hate the feeling of using a thermometer and believe they’re best left at the doctors office, then consider poking the meat with a knife before grilling to let the blood boil out.


Is there an easier way to clean the grill without wearing out my arm?

A) If its too much for you to handle, whether its because of personal choice or a medical reason, then consider the new grill cleaning robots that came out in 2020. All you have to do is turn it on and the devices will clean the grill automatically until you feel its clean enough for your liking.


Where Do You Find Out Your Tips?

A) Experience is everything, but sometimes its not just what you know… its WHO you know. I’ve talked with chefs from various steak houses to ask them what their secret is. None of them are shy of sharing their knowledge and this is how I’ve come to learn so much. With experience comes knowledge… but with age comes wisdom. The most important note is to always enlighten others on knowledge that can help make their life a pleasant experience while improving the quality of life. 


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