A few years ago I really got into grilling. When I first started I had a ton of questions. I created Beginner Grilling because I figured others had those questions too! So I decided to try some of the best BBQ restaurants to see what their secret was. I was surprised to learn so much by asking the professionals who grill on a daily basis for a living. As I continued to try different restaurants, I noticed that each one either had the same methods or used a completely original method to their grilling.

My overall goal is to teach beginning grillers the hottest tips on grilling as well as important information they should know. I have gone in full depth about different grilling secrets most would never know unless they asked an actual professional. With my own BBQ grilling knowledge over the years along with tons of tips from the actual food industry pros, you will see the importance of these tips.

I hope you find this site helpful on your quest to be King Or Queen Of The Coals!