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This Recommended Gear page is meant to help you get the best tools possible for your grilling needs.

Includes everything from actual grills, to grill tools, grill mats, wood chips, even a fire extinguisher. These are all items I’ve noticed are necessary over the years, and we each have our own style of grilling, so I’ve tried my best to cover every option out there.

Feel free to look through it and see what might be missing from your grill master inventory. Chances are you have most of them but it’s always good to have a list of necessary items.

Recommended Accessories

These items will help you grill better, or keep your grill clean, or even just make your life easier when you need to grill in low light conditions or have to be physically away from the grill.

Recommended Grills

The best grills, or items that will provide a good grilling surface, like the pan or mats.