Cuisinart Take Along Grill Stand

Whenever you’re cooking you’re going to need a preparation station. A table dedicated to your condiments, tools, a roll of paper towels, some spare charcoal, and so on.

And those will always take up too much space on the patio table. So I suggest you take a look at this Cuisinart Take Along Grill Stand. 

It’s got all the racks and extra space you could imagine, including 6 cup holders.

And those cup holders have some useful hooks on the side, so you can hang your most used grilling tools to reach them better.

The grill table can be folded for easy packing, and has a handle to easily carry it from one place to another. 

When you know where you want to put the stand, simply unfold it and lock it into place. It’ll stay there, and keep its balance.

This grill stand is available on and if you’re a Prime Member you could have it at your door in two days.

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