ThermoPro TP-07 Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer

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Whenever you’re grilling you’re going to need to check the internal temperature of your grilled meat. So you’re going to need a good, reliable thermometer to do the job.

Where most thermometers would use a long wire/cable to attach the probe to the reader, this one is wireless.

The whole beauty of it is you can be up to 300 (!!!) feet away from the grill and still know what temperature you’re getting.

It comes in especially handy when the weather is a little cold, and you’d rather not sit by the grill for an hour, checking every now and then.

Not to mention just how easily you can maneuver the thermometer, since there are no wires to speak of and no way for it to…well, get in your way.

The thermometer comes with a set of pre-programmed recommended temperature levels for each food, USDA approved. This will make grilling meat even easier, since you’ll have an official approved temperature to guide yourself by when cooking.

As the meat reaches the recommended temperature, the display will change colors, and will even sound an alarm when it registers as done. Really, there’s no way to ruin a steak this way.

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