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How To Clean a Flat Top Grill?

There are many benefits to owning a flat top grill as well as the variety of foods that can be cooked with it. However nothing is more important than maintaining its cleanliness. Help keep your family, friends, or customers safe from illness by reading our article about how to clean a flat top grill.


How To Clean a Flat Top Grill

Many restaurants have their own preferred way of cleaning their flat top grill in which many are creative and innovative. Some rather stick with the store bought flat top grill cleaning sprays while most prefer a more organic way to avoid any harsh chemicals that are in the aerosol sprays. The first step is deciding what kind of safe cleaning solution you would like to make.


Clean Flat Top Grill


Conventional Methods


Dish Soap and A Regular Sponge or Scrubber

Most would consider this their first option when learning how to clean a flat top grill. Most dish soaps are created to separate oil from dishes and it also applies to flat top grills. This method will require some elbow grease and patience whether you’re using a sponge or hard copper brush.


Heated Water and Scrubbing

Add water to your grill while its hot or after you have finished cooking once you’ve removed your food items. They key is to not let the food harden onto the flat top grill but rather dilute it with the hot water for ease of cleaning.


Clean Flat Top Grill


Organic Methods On How To Clean a Flat Top Grill


Using the Power of the Onion

Believe it or not, onions have enough acidity to clean your flat top stove! All you have to do is cut a fresh onion and while using the proper cooking safety gear, smear the onion on the hot grill. The onion juices are perfect for cleaning your grill and once you are done be sure to throw the used onion into the trash after its rinsed in water. Rinsing the onion in water after use helps keep things safe in the kitchen to avoid fires.


The Cup of Joe Soak n’ Clean

Once again, coffee also has a high acidity level due to the alkaline within it. While the stove is still somewhat hot, pour the coffee and scrub away. Drain and clean the coffee off the griddle with one last cleaning with water to remove any leftover coffee residue.


Separation Methods of Water and Vinegar

Ever hear the saying “they are like water and vinegar”? It refers to water and vinegar never being able to mix. Many use this saying for cats and dogs or people who argue, however it actually helps with cleaning a flat top stove once mixed together. With a 50 50 blend of both simply drip it onto the hot grill and begin cleaning.


Good Old Fashioned Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade right? Exactly because a dirty flat top stove can be a headache unless you mix lemon juice with water to clean it. As mentioned before the acidity level is found within lemons since it contains citric acid. They key to any organic cleaning solution lies within its PH levels.


Using Only Water and Steam

If you are very picky about keeping your grill clean without having to worry about distorting the taste of your meals, then consider using the conventional method of only using water before. Takes longer since there is no acidity to assist with the breakdown of leftover food particles, but it will guarantee your grill will maintain its untouched taste while cooking food.


Carbonation Effect Using Club Soda

Not only is club soda good for removing stains on your shirt, but it also proves as a worthy cleaning solution for flat top stoves. Even though there isn’t any acidity within the club soda, the carbonation effect will help bubble out the grease while cleaning the flat top stove.


Using Beer to Clean a Flat Top Stove

Sounds crazy huh? Well it actually works and whoever figured this unconventional method should be crowned king or queen of the grill. By pouring beer onto a warm flat top grill you can remove the grease and food grime since beer contains alcohol. Alcohol is used in many cleaning solutions in order to sanitize equipment. Since beer still has alcohol but isn’t nearly as flammable as other alcohols, it cleans like a charm. Some people even use beer in their marinades or pour it on their meats while its grilling (true BBQ tip for those 21+).


Clean Flat Top Grill


Your Flat Top Stove Needs to Be Cleaned After Every Use

If you are finished cooking a meal its best practice to clean the stove after all cooking has taken place. The last thing you need is insects living off the grease on your flat top stove. Not only is leaving grease on the flat top stove uncleaned dangerous towards the health of those eating food cooked by it, but its also a health code violation in many states if you are a restaurant owner. Signs to look for is food sticking to the flat top stove, leftover grease, flavor mixing between cooking  (aka the chicken tastes like fish), uneven cooking on the stove, and lastly burnt char ending up in other meals.


Stay Clean, Stay Healthy, Stay Legit

We cannot stress anymore about the importance of cleaning your flat top stove during these current times of outbreak. Help prevent the spread of airborne disease, bacteria, and viruses by cleaning your stove with a sense of pride. It may be a pain on your arms and a strain on your time, but in the end you will see the importance of keeping your food safe from contamination. Overall, the one who will be the one eating the most off your flat top stove is going to be…. you.


Q & A:


Does any beer work for cleaning your flat top stove?

A) Its all a matter of preference. However simple light beer can work great since its more watered down than your average beer. If you are looking at giving your flat top stove some seasoning then consider ales or IPAs, only if you are over the age of 21 and legally able to purchase alcohol.

What happens if I use other cleaning methods with an onion?

A) Not recommended, use each separately. Don’t experiment too much just use what works.

Can I mix club soda with lemon to clean the stove?

A) Yes it will work just fine, another hot tip for those who have read this article and support Beginner Grilling.


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