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How to Clean an Electric Griddle?

Do you own an electric griddle but need to know how to clean an electric griddle? Beginner Grilling will get in detail on how easy it really is to clean your griddle. By reading our easy steps you will never have to spend hours on end cleaning your griddle in the sink.


Tips On How to Clean an Electric Griddle


How To Clean Electric Griddle


Gather Up Your Cleaning Tools 

First you will need to gather some dish soap, a mitten, a spatula, and a sink or tub that can fit your griddle. It’s important that you have this ready to go before getting started. This will avoid any unnecessary movements in attempt for finding what was missing while learning how to clean an electric griddle.


Get Rid of The Grease and Gunk By Heating The Griddle

You will first want to heat the griddle up so it can help loosen up any leftover cooked food before scraping it. Most people don’t understand this simple trick hence why most waste their time trying to clean a cold griddle. As the griddle begins to heat, immediately turn it off once you start to see the leftover food cook on it. Once this step is finished you will be ready for the next part.


Unplug the Griddle

Since you’ve already heated up the griddle its time to unplug it. This is a very important safety step in which after unplugging it you must let it cool off for a few minutes. Be sure you are doing this in the kitchen or a safe area to avoid any harm.


Scrub It and Let the Soap Suds Soak Into the Griddle

Once you have safely unplugged and let the griddle cool off its time to add the dish soap and water to the griddle. You will begin to see that the grill is a lot easier to clean once its warmed up with the water becoming warm. Once you scrub the griddle with the soap water let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes unless you prefer a deeper soak. You will see this is the way learned how to clean an electric griddle.


Rinse and Wipe Down

Once the griddle has soaked simply rinse out the soap and pan grease into water and wipe it down. You will notice that a lot of it has came off without the hassle of scrubbing for hours on end. This has been the secret of not only cleaning griddles, but many types of pans as well. If you are dealing with a huge grease problem then continue to repeat the “rinse and wipe down” step as needed.


So you thought this was going to require some rocket science huh? No way, over here at Beginner Grilling we will always teach you the easiest and most practical way of cleaning your griddles as well as grills. By reading our shortcuts you too can save time and effort when you need to clean your griddles. They can get messy after continuous use which is why its very important to ensure its cleaned immediately after use. The last thing you want to attract is insects who thrive off leftover grease in kitchens or pretty much anywhere they can find old grease. Do yourself a favor as well as your guests by cleaning your griddles after whenever they are used.


How To Clean Electric Griddle


Maintain Safety and When Learning How to Clean an Electric Griddle

Beginner Grilling would like to make it clear that you should always practice safety at all times. Always ensure you are wearing mittens or gloves that insulate heat from pans. This will help avoid your hands from getting burned. Most importantly ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE GRIDDLE IS UNPLUGGED BEFORE ADDING WATER. Avoid electrical shock or harm by make a strong mental note to verify the griddle is unplugged.


Don’t Use Steel Wool, Copper Wool, or the Course Side of a Sponge to Clean

To avoid causing damage to your grill always ensure you are using a soft cloth or preferably a sponge. The softness of the sponge will prevent any course scrubbing on the griddle or Teflon coated griddle. Maintaining the quality of your griddle is important because you want it to last a long time. You will see by avoiding using the course types of sponges you will increase the lifespan of the griddle.


Avoid Using Metal Spatulas

Another great tip on how to increase the lifespan of your griddle is to avoid using metal spatulas. Instead, use nylon, wooden, or plastic spatulas or utensils. Once again you don’t want to clean your griddle with something that will potentially scratch or damage the griddle or its Teflon coating.


How To Clean Electric Griddle


Once again thank you for reading our articles and supporting our website. Beginner Grilling enjoys enlightening our readers with the latest and hottest grilling tips for those who enjoy the BBQ life or just simply cooking good food. One of the biggest factors in creating a killer meal is knowing what to do, and how to do it right. By reading our tips you too can hit the shortcut button on griddles or grilling.


Q & A:


Is it ok to use cleaning solutions on the griddle?

A) Yes and No. If you are using cleaning solutions created for griddles then yes, otherwise continue to use soapy water and a sponge.


I tried cleaning it by warming it up but its still not coming off. What do I do?!?!

A) Rinse and repeat. If you are dealing with a hard to remove piece of food ( or sometimes burned sugar) then heat up the pan before any smoke occurs, unplug the griddle, and use the same methods above except put the spatula at a 45-90 degree angle then scrub away.


Should I just throw away my old griddle or buy a new one?

A) If you feel the old one doesn’t work well, lost its touch, or you just feel like an upgrade then by all means shop around. Having an old car doesn’t stop people from buying new ones if they got the money for it or are in serious need of a replacement car. Griddles are the same way, if its works great then keep it otherwise replace what needs to be replaced.


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