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What Should I Do If the Inside of My Grill Gets Wet?

If you live in an area where flooding or snowstorms can take place then you’ve probably encountered the “wet BBQ” situation. Many will ask “what should I do if the inside of my grill gets wet”? We will guide you through the steps required to get your grill dry again and back to grilling a storm.


Don’t Panic, Simply Disconnect First

Always remember, SAFETY FIRST! Disconnect the grill from the gas source and ensure that your propane canister or direct line is completely closed tight. This will not only avoid bad gases from being inhaled but will also prevent gas leakage that could possibly start an unexpected fire. If you are ever not sure about how to do this, consult your grills safety guide, call the grills company line, or ask a professional BBQ expert to assist you.


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Take Apart The Grill Piece By Piece

Once you have fully verified the fuel source is sealed tight to avoid leakage, then proceed to taking the grill apart one piece at a time. Be sure to clear the grill of any sludge, leaves, debris, or anything unexpected due to the source of the water leakage. Keep in mind there are many grill cleaning products sold at retail stores that can further assist in getting your grill cleaned 100%.


Ensure Your Grill Is Fully Dry Before Re-Assembly

By keeping it in front of a fan or within an area with open air you can relax knowing your grill will be dry within a matter of minutes. Unless your grill was completely soaked its best to give it additional time to dry. It’s very important that any cleaning solution used on the grill is completely dried out leaving no residue. To ensure your grill is safe to use, feel free to give it a test burn before putting any food on the grill. The flames will burn off any residue left over once its already dried out, then be sure to scrub the grill after its turned off and in a cooled state.


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What Is the Best Way to Clean Your Grills Burners?

Once again there are many cleaning solutions sold at the retail stores than can assist with cleaning the burners. However if you are looking for a safer green friendly alternative consider using a 50 50 blend of water and vinegar. This mixture has been used for generations upon generations as a simple at home cleaning solution. Once you smell the blend of the water and vinegar you’ll get memories of that one elderly persons place who still uses the water vinegar blend to mop their floors. Many new cleaning solutions are branding this cleaning mix as a “brand new alternative” even though its been used for centuries.


What Else Should I Do When My Grill Gets Wet?

If you are looking for another hot Beginner Grilling tip, you got it. Many of the BBQ pros I’ve talked to recommended that I let parts of my grill soak in water for a fixed amount of hours or overnight. This will help breakdown the grease so its easier to clean. Why waste hours on end trying to scrub the last piece of grease when you can simply let it soak overnight? Never make life more complicated than it is, always find an easier solution to save more time within your day. Never be afraid to try new things that can help solve issues within a timely manner, let alone break the repetitions of cyclic existence.


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Now You Know… This Is The Way

We are glad to help beginner BBQ enthusiasts learn the shortcuts to becoming a BBQ aficionado. There’s no need to try to learn grilling the hard way by learning from mistakes that could have been prevented through learning. We are here to expose new tips, the latest BBQ technology, and tricks of the trade to those who visit our site. If you’ve read a few of our Blogs already and practiced what we’ve preached, you’ve probably noticed your guests see the difference! You can take the initiative of showing up the supposed “master of grilling” within your circle of friends or family. While they continue to brag about the “pouring the beer over the BBQ chicken” trick… you can show them what being a real BBQ veteran is all about! You can also let them know that pouring beer or drinks during an open flame is yet another way of getting your grill wet. Sharing is caring, so don’t forget to tell your friends about all of us here at Beginner Grilling.


Q & A:


Should I reuse the same brushes when cleaning my grill?

A) Yes most brushes are meant to be used for a certain period of time. Once they are gunked up don’t be shy of throwing them away and getting another one.


Is it better to clean the grills over time or to simply replace the metal grill when my grill gets wet?

A) It makes sense to actually do both, but in sequential order. Clean the grill on a regular basis then once the detachable metal grill gets really gunked up, beyond what the human hand can clean, then consider replacing it.


Why Not Just Buy A New Grill All Together Once It’s Used Up?

A) If cash isn’t an option for you, then by all means go for it. There are plenty of sponsored BBQ professionals I know who get the latest grills mailed to them for promotional use, so I see them replacing it on a regular basis. However for every day common users who work for a living it doesn’t make sense to consistently buy a new grill over being lazy about cleaning it. Just clean it if you wanna keep it, and if you feel its time to buy a new one then feel free to shop around to your liking.


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