BearMoo Kabob Metal Skewers 10 piece, 17 inch

Are you a kabob fan ? Yes ? Then it’s safe to assume they’ll make a regular appearance on your grill. Which  means you’ll be using a couple hundred skewers per year.

Which is why I recommend these metal skewers from BearMoo, which can easily be reused after each meal.

They come in a 17 inch length, which is going to fit whatever you like on the grill. And they’ll also keep the meat and veg in the position you want them to be, as these skewers are flat and not round.

Another beautiful thing is that they have these little hooks at the end, which serve both to maintain a clean area so you can pick them up, and also store very easily wherever you choose to hang them.

This is a set of 10 pieces, and comes with its own pouch to keep them safe and in one place.

This kabob skewer set is available on and if you’re a Prime Member you could have it at your door in two days.

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