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Should You Season A New Grill?

There is one question that is without a doubt debated, and that’s should you season a new grill? Some say yes because it will help maintain your grills perfect condition, and some say absolutely no for good reasons. Beginning Grilling will now hash out the big question, should you season a new grill?


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Why Should Anyone Season Their Grill In The First Place?

In order to further help readers understand why anyone would season their grill in the first place, we will explain what grill seasoning is. Seasoning the grill means using canola oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, and other cooking oils to condition the grill for greater grilling results. One would accomplish this by coating the grill with the right amount of oil, not too much, and pre-heating it till the oils show a slightly amber color. Once there is slight smoke then the grill is ready for the meats, poultry, vegetables, or fish. Seasoning the grill can come in handy if the food type you are cooking is known to stick to the grill, such as fish. Overall its a very common practice used for professional grilling and BBQ’ing from the backyards all the way to the restaurants.


Good Reasons To Season A New Grill

As mentioned above, keeping a seasoned grill prevents your food from sticking to the grill after its done cooking. Nothing is worse than using the tongs to pick up fish, chicken, or even beef only for it to fall apart into the bottom of the grill! Then the entire grilling session is loaded with smoke from the burning food in the burners. This is why many see the good results and why its important to season a new grill. Why would you want your grill looking like a BBQ pit in the middle of central park right after you bought it new? Keeping your belongings in its best condition is only possible if additional care is given.


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Why Many Say NEVER To Season A Grill

There is always a catch to everything and there is with seasoning a new grill, or any grill in general. The oils used are great if they are kept within the typical low burning smoking range they were intended to be in. However, if they are cooked in extreme heats beyond the recommended cooking temperatures it can actually emit carbon on the grill, and even worse.. your food! Unless you know you have a top of the line grill that has a working thermometer, then its best to sway away from seasoning your grill. The bad reasons to season a new grill is because over burning of the oil will cause carbon to form all over your grill, and carbon doesn’t exactly make your food taste better.


The Crossroads: What Is The Right Thing To Do?

So as grillers we are left in a crossroad here, whether to preserve the grill and taste of the food or risk inhaling bad carbon? If you are a pro griller and have thermometers on your grill as well as thermometer sensors in the food, then consider seasoning your grill (especially if its a new one). Otherwise if you feel that you are still learning more about becoming a boss at the BBQ, take a step back and avoid the unnecessary task. Its decisions like this why pros will go to extreme lengths to ensure they offer the best quality BBQ to their guests or clients. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. If you are cooking for yourself and friends who aren’t going to “white glove” your BBQ cooking skills, then there is no need to impress them. However if there is that one person who shows up to the BBQ grills only to brag to everyone how they are the best at grilling with years of experience, then feel free to bust out the thermometers and show them up! Many have spent good money on the extra thermometers to bring the best BBQ results, so why let it sit gathering dust. Use it or lose it buddy!


season a new grill


Hopefully this helps clear the smoke within the grillers consciousness about why or when should you season your new grill. Extra steps the pros makes shouldn’t be replicated due to the ego or simply because you only want to cook the best. If you really want to season  your grill but don’t believe in thermometers then at least consider the amber color and smoke that comes with properly heated grilling. Keeping your grill clean before and after use is yet another unforeseen underrated method that should always be practiced. Have you ever tried baking in an oven than was never cleaned? No? Exactly. Why have the taste of last years Thanksgiving on your summer time meals? Keep your grill clean and you will have less grilling issues and less complaints from your guests!


Q & A:


If over cooking oils causing carbon build up in grills, then why do people still season their grills?

A) They season their grills because they take caution while seasoning the grill to prevent over burning. If you are a griller who doesn’t like to pay attention to the smallest details, then its best to avoid seasoning the grill. If you are a griller who will go at lengths for the best possible taste, then consider seasoning your grill the right way.


Should you season a new grill to prevent it from char buildup?

A) Yes, if seasoned properly you can keep your grill looking brand new for a long time. If you season the grill the wrong way, which is using extreme heat above the normal grilling temperatures, then it will cause carbon build up on your grill which isn’t good.


Is it ok to season a dirty grill?

A) Is it ok to polish a dirty car? No, its rather pointless. Seasoning your grill only if its been cleaned before hand, otherwise you will make your food taste horrible.