10 Lb ABC Fire Extinguisher by Amerex

You’re not always going to need a fire extinguisher – let’s hope you never do. But when you do need one, you need it fast.

Which is why I recommend you get one, and keep it within reach at all times. Grilling is usually safe, but no one wants to take a risk.

You don’t need a very big extinguisher, but one that can handle small to medium fires. Meaning class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (Flammable liquid) spills or Fires involving live electrical equipment (Class C).

I recommend the Amerex 10 lb ABC Fire extinguisher, as it will handle all 3 fire types and will put them out quickly.

It’s a one-time use item, so it will need replacing if you ever need to use it. It’s got a 6 year warranty, and weighs 2 lbs (the capacity is 10 compressed lbs).

This fire extinguisher is available on Amazon.com and if you’re a Prime Member you could have it at your door in two days.

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