Cave Tools Smoker Box for BBQ

If you’re the owner of a charcoal or gas grill, the you might be sorely missing the flavor of a wood smoked BBQ. This is where a good smoker box comes in handy.

In such a box, you’ll add your favorite wood chips (pre-soaked) and let them smoke the food you’re grilling. That’s really all there is to it.

This smoker box from Cave Tools is a great addition to any grill out there, as it will smoke the food and give it that authentic grilled flavor. 

Two and a half cups of wood chips will fit into this box, which is enough for one grill session.

As for easy access, the lid is hinged ans thus is easy to maneuver, and the entire box is made of thick stainless steel. This means it will be very heat resistant, and not warp while cooking.

Product is 3 x 9 1.5 inches, and has several air holes to let the chips release their smoke. No holes on the bottom though, so no chips catching on fire here. Still, always remember to soak your chips before smoking.

This smoker box is available on and if you’re a Prime Member you could have it at your door in two days.

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